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Speech & Language Therapy

Unlock your child’s communicative potential.  Find out more about Speech and Language therapy here!

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Feeding Therapy

Getting proper nutrition both at the beginning of life and throughout early childhood is critical to neural development. Is your baby not taking bottles? Is your toddler a picky eater? Find out more about Feeding Therapy here.
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In-Home Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for your child at the convenience of being in your own home!

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What People are Saying About Speak Live Play

Picky eater- no more. Mel never gave up on my son, who had severe reflux and food aversions. She has helped my son become confident at meal time and he is no longer under weight!

Highly recommend Mel to any parent who is concerned about their child’s speech. With Mel’s patience, I can finally understand my daughter.

Mel’s caring and compassion helped my daughter with a severe language delay. She is dedicated and excellent at what she does!

Mel helped my son eat foods that he never would try before. Thanks Mel! You’ve made meal time fun and not stressful!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Mel- you’ve taught my husband and I so much about how language develops. You’ve helped our daughter communicate effectively and we are so thrilled at how she has progressed under your guidance!

My son absolutely adores Mel. He runs up to the door as soon as he sees her car in our driveway.

Mel’s talents with children are undeniable. Evident from our initial meeting, Mel truly cares and loves my daughter and is helping her reach her fullest potential.

My son is eating! A variety of foods!

Mel helped educate my husband and I to make sure our post NICU baby was feeding safely. Thank you for her expertise!

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Melissa Peters M.S., CCC-SLP15 hours ago

Dysphagia is a cornerstone of my practice. I have advanced training in dysphagia within the pediatric and adult population. I have treated dysphagia in the acute care, outpatient, and rehab settings and now have the pleasure of helping our families with dysphagia in the home...

Melissa Peters M.S., CCC-SLP5 days ago

It's National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳
When children take part in the cooking process, it can help them become more familiar with the foods, allowing them to be more open to trying new things.

Does your child like...

Melissa Peters M.S., CCC-SLP7 days ago

Tomorrow marks National Day of Encouragement! Encouragement has the ability to lift spirits, so take a moment to acknowledge someone for all that they do... It just might make their day ☀️

Melissa Peters M.S., CCC-SLP2 weeks ago

Speech therapy can work on so many things to help your your child achieve academic success. Receptive and expressive language, articulation and phonology are all linked to your child succeeding in the classroom. Many children who have difficulty at school have an underlying speech /...

Melissa Peters M.S., CCC-SLP2 weeks ago