5 Tips for Encouraging Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Incorporating teeth brushing into your child’s daily routine can sometimes feel like a big challenge. There could be various reasons why your child finds it hard, such as sensory issues, trouble with organization, or even anxiety. Sensory issues may make the sensation of toothbrush bristles uncomfortable. Having trouble with the organization might make it challenging to follow a step-by-step brushing routine. Plus, feeling anxious can make you want to avoid brushing your teeth altogether.

But remember, you and your child don’t want it to be a stressful activity, especially during busy mornings or before bed. Instead, it should be a positive and enjoyable experience that promotes good oral hygiene habits. To make teeth brushing more manageable and more enjoyable, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind:

Speech Therapy - Tips for kids to brush their teeth - SpeakLivePlatUse a Visual Schedule

    • Using a visual schedule can be super helpful in reducing unknowns and anxieties that come with different activities. By following a picture sequence, kids not only improve their attention and direction-following skills but also become more independent. This structured approach helps them know what to expect each time, making it easier for them to anticipate the ‘end’ of the process with confidence. Incorporating visual schedules into daily routines can make a big difference in a child’s overall experience and development.

Take Turns Brushing

    • If your kiddo wants to “do it myself!” but they aren’t quite getting the job done, turn-taking is an excellent option. Try 3 brushes, or count to 10, for the child’s turn and then the parent’s turn. Continue this process until the task is done. If this is still difficult for your child, they may get a kick out of brushing your teeth! Negotiating with your child to help them brush their teeth first, they get to return the favor and brush your teeth for you!

Use a Vibrating Toothbrush

    • A vibrating toothbrush does more than clean your teeth thoroughly; it’s also a fantastic choice for kids who seek sensory experiences! The gentle yet invigorating vibrations offer the perfect sensory input that these children love during their oral hygiene routine. This extra stimulation not only keeps them engaged but also helps them build a positive connection with dental care, setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Use Flavored or Colored Toothpaste

    • Enriching the sensory experience can be helpful in increasing participation and engagement in teeth brushing. Does your child have a favorite flavor? It is probably a toothpaste! Take your child shopping with you at the store so they can pick out their very own toothpaste. Getting kids involved in the process from start to finish helps them take ownership of the task. Some kids prefer intense flavors like mint or berry, and for others, it might be too intense. Flavorless might be the way to go for kids sensitive to tastes.

Speech Therapy - Tips for kids to brush their teeth - SpeakLivePlatPlay!

  • Kids love having a blast! To keep them entertained and engaged, you can use old toothbrushes as play tools. Encourage them to have fun and use their imagination by pretending to brush the teeth of their favorite teddy bears, dolls, action figures, and other toys. It sparks their creativity, enhances play skills, and helps them feel comfortable with a toothbrush.
  • Turn toothbrushing into a super fun game that will have kids excited for their daily oral care routine! Check out these awesome ideas to make it even more enjoyable and engaging:
    • Make it an adventure by placing colorful stickers in the sink or creating targets with bath crayons. Watch their excitement as they earn points by accurately spitting onto the target in the sink.
    • Another creative idea is to try different toothpaste flavors and have them rate each one. It can become a friendly competition and a chance to compare flavors with other family members, adding extra fun and exploration to their oral care routine.
    • Organize a friendly competition between a child and a parent to see who can brush their teeth the longest. Please set a timer and let the excitement build as they strive to maintain good oral hygiene. This activity not only promotes healthy habits but also creates a playful bond between parent and child. Get ready for some toothbrushing fun!


With these creative strategies, children will not only maintain healthy teeth but also develop lifelong habits of good oral hygiene. Start the adventure of dental care today and make toothbrushing an unforgettable part of their routine!


Give these helpful tips a try at home! If you’re dealing with ongoing challenges in your child’s daily routine, don’t worry! Our dedicated team is here to provide unwavering support. Feel free to reach out and schedule a complimentary screening with Speak Live Play. During the screening, our experienced professionals will conduct a thorough assessment to fully understand your child’s unique needs. Based on the assessment, we’ll offer personalized guidance explicitly tailored to your child, ensuring exceptional care and support. Our ultimate goal is to empower your child to thrive and make their daily routine a breeze, promoting their overall development and well-being.



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