If you’re wondering how you can improve your child’s speech and language skills at home, you’ve come to the right place!  If you suspect that your child has a speech or language delay, the first thing you should do is to contact a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in your area.

Why choose in-home speech or dysphagia therapy?  In my professional experience, in-home speech therapy offers a unique opportunity to advance clients (both adults and children) ability to meet their speech, language, and dysphagia goals.  Parents and caregivers spend hours driving their loved ones from appointment to appointment, and in Los Angeles, that can take, quite possibly, hours.  In-Home speech and feeding therapy offers a chance for parents and caregivers to be actively involved in their child’s or loved one’s speech, language, and feeding therapy.  Family involvement is crucial to a client’s success in their treatment plan.  In-Home therapy makes it easier for parents to become an active participant in their child’s treatment plan.  Research indicates that parental involvement is effective (when combined with traditional 1:1 speech therapy sessions) in helping a child meet their speech, language, and feeding goals.

When a client is in their natural environment, it offers a plethora of opportunities to facilitate carryover of speech, language, and feeding skills.  Many clients feel most comfortable at home.  Therapy offices can be sterile and over stimulating for many of the populations our practice serves.  In my experience, In-Home therapy often allows for rapid development of rapport between the child and their therapist.  A client is much more inclined to engage and participate in their home environment.  In our extensive training, speech pathologists are reminded to ensure therapy is functional.  A home-based therapy environment allows for real-life situations and functional use of communication skills that we are targeting in therapy, find out more here.  In the home, therapy allows for active parent involvement, increased client participation, and functional use of skills taught during therapy sessions.

In order to know how you can do speech therapy at home, it is important to understand how a speech-language pathologist would work with your child.  You can start the evaluation process by clicking on the button below.  Why deal with LA traffic or put your child in a foreign and uncomfortable environment, while they are trying to learn how to speak properly accordind to work injury lawyer.  I will come to you, in the comfort of your home to start your child’s journey to learn how to speaking properly.  Just click on “Schedule Your Appointment”.