New Years Speech and Feeding Therapy Resolutions for Parents
Melissa Peters, M.S., CCC-SLP
Director, Speak Live Play Los Angeles

  1. You’re not alone; there are SO many moms who are also very concerned about their child’s lack of eating, picky eating, and trouble swallowing. There are SO many moms who are worried because their child isn’t talking, isn’t following commands, isn’t making eye contact.  Put that concern into energy for helping your child. Find a therapist or a professional who can help you and your child meet their speech, language, and feeding goals.
  2. It’s ok to want to pull your hair out, but get professional help. Mealtimes should be fun and stress-free. If every mealtime has become overwhelming, seek professional help. Sometimes,  just a new person, perspective, and clinical experience can help transform your mealtimes into successes.  Is your child throwing tantrums? It could be related to frustration and their lack of expressive language to communicate.  If you have any concerns about your child’s speech, understanding of language, social skills, get an evaluation!
  3. Celebrate the little things. Did your child touch, smell, accept a new food on their plate? Did your child say a new sound, follow a new direction, make a new friend? These little successes should be celebrated!
  4. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  One of the first things I tell my parents on our phone consultations is that “I’m not a miracle worker.”  Feeding therapy has its ups and downs, good weeks/bad weeks, but I can promise to give all of my families my clinical expertise to help your child grow and eat more efficiently.  Let’s start this marathon together to help your child get the proper nutrition they deserve!
  5. Cut down the time you spend during meals.  If you’re tired after 1.5 hours of trying to get your child to eat, imagine how they feel!  There are so many strategies a feeding therapist can help you with to cut down on your mealtimes.
  6. Don’t compare your child to others. Your child is an individual. They may have more difficulty during meal times, however, they most definitely excel somewhere else. They may have difficulty saying the “k” sound but have above-average pretend play skills look here now.  My therapy is individually based; family-centered big city maids. I meet your child where they are at in terms of speech, feeding, and developmental milestones and help them succeed and advance.  I utilize their strengths to help them excel in their areas of need.
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