Elizabeth Wagner completed her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Communications at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and earned her Master’s of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, at Columbia University in New York, New York.

Clinically, Elizabeth has experience evaluating and treating adults and children in English and Spanish with disorders including: Articulation Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders, Receptive/Expressive Language Delays, Fluency Disorders, Autism, voice disorders, Aphasia, and cognitive-linguistic disorders. She has volunteered in Colombia with Healing the Children where she worked with an interdisciplinary cleft palate team to provide pre- and post-surgical speech services, check out http://galarson.com. Currently, in addition to providing in-home therapy, UPRT training she works with school-age children in the public-school setting. She is PROMPT® Institute level-1 trained. Elizabeth is passionate about providing comprehensive, holistic, evidenced-based treatments that are family and client centered.

In her free time, Elizabeth loves traveling abroad, going to the beach, and hiking.