Policy Title: COVID-19 Re-Open Guidelines


A. PURPOSE: 1. To establish a safe, efficient and successful process to in-clinic therapy services.
B. GUIDELINES: 1. Prevent the spread of COVID-19 following the CDC guidelines below: • Encourage staff to take every day preventative actions to prevent the spread of respiratory illness. • Therapists to wash their hands and hands of children at beginning and end of therapy sessions. If hand soap is not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. • Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty. • Remember to supervise young children when they use hand sanitizer to prevent swallowing alcohol. • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces between each therapy session. This includes but not limited to tables, chairs, toys, door handles and desks. • Cover cough and sneezes with your elbow, not hand.
2. Require sick children and staff to stay home. • Communicate to parents the importance of keeping children home when they are sick. • Communicate to staff the importance of being vigilant for symptoms and staying in touch with facility management of or when they start to feel sick. • Ensure children and staff who come to the office sick or become sick while at our facility are sent home as soon as possible. • Keep sick children and staff separate from well children and staff until they can be sent home. • Sick staff members should not return to work until they have bet the criteria to discontinue home isolation.
C. POLICY: As an essential business, Fox Therapy Services will continue to follow local, state and federal guidelines as we transition back to our pre-COVID activities.
D. PROCEDURE: 1. Fox Therapy Services employees will return to the clinic on Monday, June 15th 2. Parents will have the option to choose a teletherapy visit or in-clinic visit at a time scheduled in advance. 3. Therapists will conduct therapy either in-person or via teletherapy from their office space. 4. The lobby will remain closed and parents will be required to wait with their child in the parking lot/near the main entrance until a therapist greets them outside. 5. Temperature checks will be given to all children and parents entering the facility. 6. Staff will maintain two levels/forms of protection between themselves and clients at all times (face mask & face shield, face shield & plexiglass shield, face mask & plexiglass shield, etc.). 7. Children receiving therapy will be required to wear face masks until they enter the therapy room. Parents will be expected to wear face masks for the entirety of the session. 8. Children, along with therapists, entering the facility must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before going into therapy rooms. 9. Shared toys utilized during therapy sessions must be kept to a minimum. 10. Toys or other items that have been soiled, must be discarded in the “dirty” bin and/or sanitized before reuse. 11. All tables, chairs, desks and door handles (or any other frequently touched surface) must be sanitized after each therapy session and before the next child enters the therapy room. 12. Employees will clean their hands before and after each client. 13. Employees will not congregate in small spaces, therapy rooms, kitchen, etc. to maintain the strict social distancing guidelines of 6 feet of separation. 14. Employees must sanitize their hands before and after eating. 15. All door handles must be sanitized with disinfecting wipe each hour.