Speech and Language Therapy Services

Melissa Peters, M.S., CCC-SLP delivers speech and language services to a variety of client populations.  She believes in an individualized, evidence based approach to treating speech and language disorders.  The way a child understands and expresses themselves is paramount to familial, academic, and social success.  Speech and language begins within the first couple months of development.  Speech and langauge therapy addresses a child’s communicative need, and provides intervention to help the child reach their communicative potential.


Melissa Peters, M.S., CCC-SLP is experienced in treating the following disorders.  

Melissa uses evidence based approaches as well as a child-centered environment to help your child with these speech and language disorders.

  • Receptive and expressive language disorders
  • Receptive and expressive langauge delay
  • Early Intervention services
  • Voice disorders
  • Developmental disorders of speech and langauge (related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, or any other disorders)
  • Articulation disorders
    • including lisps (trouble producing /s/)
    • difficulty producing /r/
    • articulation disorders related to anatomical structure and function (cleft palate, genetic disorders, craniofacial disorders)
  • Comprehension of written text (inferencing, reading comprehension)
  • Grammar within spontaneous speech
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Auditory processing disorder

Melissa is PROMPT Level 1 Trained, which may be an asset to your child depending on their deficit.  She has experience doing DIR-Floortime and Oral Placement Therapy for articulation disorders.

Your child’s success in therapy is Melissa’s top priority.  She re-evaluates treatment plans often, and comes up with different, innovative approaches to help your child succeed in their speech and langauge development.



Evaluations are scheduled in the convenience of your own home.  Through clinical experience, Melissa believes that in-home evaluations and therapy allows the child to succeed and carry-over skill sets.  Speech and langauge evaluations are typically 2 hours.  This includes a formal evaluation with a standardized test as well as informal evaluations which can help Melissa determine the appropriate treatment plan for your child.  The evaluation will also include Melissa speaking to your child’s teachers, doctors, and family members to ensure a complete picture of your child is being taken into account to develop an appropriate treatment plan.