“My son was discharged from the NICU with severe eating and appetite problems. He was completely dependent on his G-tube.  With Mel’s help, dedication, and passion, my son has begun accepting bottles and is being introduced to solids.  Mel has gone out of her way to go above and beyond for our family.  Her dedication and clinical expertise has helped our baby begin to eat!  She always has research to back her treatment approaches, which I appreciate as a parent.”  Kristine, mother of Aiden, 12 months


“My son was diagnosed with aspiration, he needed thickened feeds and feeding therapy.  We found Mel from our pediatrician.  She has helped our family through this daunting and frightening experience of helping our son learn how to eat safely.  She answered my thousand questions thoroughly and with expertise.  My son is now beginning to take unthickened milk and with Mel’s guidance, he is taking it safely.”  Heidi, mother of Evan, 5 months


“Mel’s skills with children were so evident from the moment we met her.  My son, Henry, was a late talker.  He had no words at the age of 2.5 years.  Mel’s treatment didn’t only focus on Henry, it focused on teaching US (his parents) on how to facilitate and language enhancing environment.  Hugo is now talking, and we feel so lucky to have met Mel!”  Claire, mother of Henry, 3 years


“Mel has helped my son, Samuel, who is on the high functioning end of the Autism spectrum in so many ways.  Samuel is a teenager, and Mel relates to Samuel so well.  His main concerns are pragmatic and comprehension issues. Mel takes Samuel out on community outings in order to help him gain confidence and use his skills practically.  He has said to me “Mel helps me make friends”.  From a mother’s standpoint, Mel has truly been a blessing.  She bases her treatment off scientifically proven methods and truly creates a unique treatment plan for your child.”  Liz, mother of Samuel, 14 years old